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Tehvandi staadion sai EMiks uue kuue

Neljapäeval, 5. detsembril avati pidulikult lindi läbilaskmise tseremooniaga uuendatud Tehvandi Spordikeskus, kus rekonstrueeriti staadioni- ja rajavalgustust ning laiendati laskesuusastaadionit. Loe edasi…


Dear biathlon Friends,

Once again, Estonia and Otepää host the IBU Open European Championships, which will be held from February 24 to March 1, 2020 at Tehvandi Sports Centre.

Over the past decade, Estonian biathlon, Otepää OC and Tehvandi Sports Centre have developed immensely both as organizers and the venue for international competitions and Tehvandi has become a great training and competition facility for biathletes.

I can say that we are not resting on our laurels but are trying to become an even better place for international events. For that, and especially for the upcoming OpenEuropean Championships, Tehvandi Sports Centre has improved the lighting of thecourses and stadium, redesigned the shooting range and built a new tunnel for themedia. The organizers of the competition together with Tehvandi Sports Centre do everything in their power to ensure the best conditions for the participating athletes, teams and guests.

The Open European Championship is a great challenge for the organizer and, therefore, it is important for us to know how satisfied the attending athletes and teams are with the organization of the competitions and if they wish to come back for training and competition in the future.

It has been an important goal for Estonian biathlon to get the rights to organize the IBU World Cup competition. We are very grateful to the IBU and to all the athletes and teams for entrusting us with the task of organizing the 2022 World Cup stage in Otepää. Certainly, organizing the Open European Championship is a good challenge to test our readiness for organizing future IBU World Cup competitions.

I believe that together with the IBU and our partners, Tehvandi Sports Centre and the local community great competitions are about to take place where the whole biathlon family can enjoy their stay in Otepää.

Welcome to the IBU Open European Championship!See you in Otepää!

Aivar Nigol


President of the OC

Eesti Laskesuusatamise Föderatsioon

Telefon: +372 766 3546
Mobiil: +372 50 64 083
Valga mnt 12, 67408 Nüpli küla,
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